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Fanola After Color Treatment Shampoo – 350ml

After Colour Care Shampoo is ideal for coloured and treated hair. It helps preserve the colour intensity and shine, thanks

Fanola Botugen Botolife Filler Intensive Mask – 150ml

This is the second step to Fanola’s second chance for damaged hair. After washing the hair the toweling it off,

Fanola Botugen Botolife Reconstructor Mask – 300ml

Those with worn out hair are not doomed to cutting it short and starting over. Fanola’s Botugen Restructuring Mask repairs

Fanola No Yellow Mask – 350ml

No Yellow Mask is formulated with a special violet pigment that neutralizes undesired yellow reflections. Leaves hair soft, shiny and

Fanola Nutri Care Restructuring Shampoo – 350ml

This restructuring shampoo doesn’t just clean hair, the milk proteins in the formula are high in fat which helps moisturize

Fanola Purity Anti-Dandruff Shampoo – 350ml

The age old problem of dandruff can be easily solved with the application of Fanola’s anti-dandruff purifying shampoo. It fights

Fanola Rebalance Ani-Grease Shampoo – 350ml

Formulated with delicate surfactive agents and Wheat Proteins that are effective in removing the build-up of sebum, leaving hair full

Fanola Restructuring Conditioner For Dry And Frizzy Hair – 350ml

Extend your color for as long as possible with this color-preserving restructuring conditioner from Fanola. Packed with hair-strengthening ingredients like